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Guide to Internal Parasites of Ruminants

Modified Wisconsin Sugar Fecal Worm Egg Flotation Method

1. Fecal samples can be stored for long periods if refrigerated (not frozen).
2. Sugar solution is prepared by adding 1 lb. of sugar into 12 fluid oz. (355 ml) of hot water; stir until all sugar is dissolved.
3. Slides can usually be placed in the refrigerator for several days prior to reading.
4. Identify parasites present: +(1-10 eggs/sample) ++(11-50 eggs/sample) +++(over 50 eggs/sample)
5. # of eggs found x 150 = # of eggs per pound feces
6. Materials needed: a. Sugar solution plus dispensing bottle, gun, or syringe
    b. Tea strainer
    c. 3 oz. and 5 oz. Dixie cups
    d. Tongue depressors
    e. Taper-bottom test tubes
    f. Test tube rack
    g. Standard microscope slides
    h. Centrifuge
    i. Microscope