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Company Profile

MidAmerica Ag Research is an animal health and agricultural research management consultant company founded in 1984. MidAmerica Ag Research is owned and operated by Dr. Donald H. Bliss and specializes in drug development and applied research activities for a wide range of contracted research needs including market support studies. The main goal of the company is to conduct independent research for the animal health, pharmaceutical, and agricultural chemical industry. MidAmerica supports all research projects with scientific publications and technical support activities when required.

The main emphasis of MidAmerica is for conducting parasitology investigations and laboratory work although MidAmerica has been involved in a wide range of investigations ranging from anti-aggression pheromones in dogs to long-acting antibiotics in swine. MidAmerica conducts laboratory work for producers all across North America specializing in fecal worm egg counts, fluke egg counts, lungworm larvae recoveries, protozoa coccidia oocysts recoveries and identification, larval cultures and the recovery, identification and enumerations of larval and adult staged parasites from postmortem reconnaissance.